Rapid COVID-19 Test with
15 minutes response time
Easy-to-use >98% reliable

The first EASY-TO-USE COVID-19 tests are now CE certified and approved for distribution and sales across all Europe.

Testing COVID-19 with HealthOx Biotech

Order a rapid test

Order a HealthOx Biotech Ltd rapid test for COVID-19 and unpack the package to get started.


Clean the throat and take a deep saliva spit in the paper cup. Use the saliva extractor to transfer 0.6 ml of the saliva sample to the extraction tube.


Squeeze the extraction tube 5 times in the drip-bottle to mix the reagent with the saliva sample. Put on the cap and lightly shake the bottle. Drip 3 drops of the mixture in the smaller capsule of the testcard labeled S.


Wait for 15 minutes until the result can be easily read.

How to use our HealthOx COVID-19 Rapid Test

When and why should you get tested for Covid-19

WHO and European Governments – relying on low barrier testing

The World Health Organization has per February 2021 bought 500 million COVID-19 Antigen test, and has been followed by governments all over Europe such as United Kingdom, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, and since March Germany has allowed for wide non restricted consumer sales through the grocery retail channel.

This method is fully embraced by many countries. In the UK and Germany access to low barrier and easy to use self-testing is now a corner stone in the governmental strategy to effectively fight and stop the pandemic.

Access to EASY-TO-USE and reliable self tests can be the turning point

An easy way to effectively protect our surroundings, family, colleagues, communities, and friends. Being able to test yourself, your employees, customers, team-mates or others, and get a quick response will allow for the relevant course of actions and ultimately


Join us in our fight against Covid-19

HealthOx is creating a global network dedicated to contributing to the fight against Covid-19. We welcome all eligible, responsible, and well-meaning individuals and partners to join us in increasing accessibility of the low barrier tests.

HealthOx offers both ambassadorships and wholesale/dropshipping through our simple onboarding program. Without having to think about stock management or investments, after-sales support, responsibility for refunds and/or returns oyur agents can focus on making Covid tests accessible. 

Whilst the HealthOx ambassadors help spread the accessibility of HealthOx Biotech Ltd Covid-19 Tests.