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The COVID-19 pandemic is a global crisis. Not just a health crisis, it is an economic, social and for many, a personal crisis. Almost none of us are unaffected by this situation. This means there has never been a better time to create a global community devoted to delivering progress in the fight against COVID-19.

HealthOx is made up of individuals who inhabit the ability, the knowledge, and the opportunity to create solutions. Our mission is to make a difference and contribute to resolving the crisis dominating many parts of the world. HeathOx was created when an initiative to fight the pandemic connected individuals in Europe and in Asia. We saw a window of opportunity in a time where testing was – and still is – crucial too controlling the spread of COVID-19. Our primary goal is to deliver a safe, accessible, easy, reliable and fast self-test. We wanted to make it accessible, by offering it at a low price, we wanted to make it easy – to be taken at home and not overload public testing capacity, we needed to make it reliable – to provide trustworthy results, and we wanted to make it fast – to avoid unnecessary waiting, uncertainty and quarantine.

A couple of intensive months later we are ready to launch self-tests for people around the world. Throughout the pandemic we have been reminded how supplies of medical gear needed to fight the virus has been scarce, expensive and subject to issues tied to production. The technology has been available, but the issues have been approvals, supply and delivery. We have built a digital platform for information, orders, and payment which is adapted in accordance with local regulations. It is safe and easy. And we are thrilled to be up and running.

What we know, we can control. Providing nations and individuals with easy to use self-tests for COVID-19 is a step towards gaining control of a virus that has ruled our lives for more than a year. By testing, we are protecting our communities and ourselves.

The first EASY-TO-USE COVID-19 tests are now CE certified and approved for distribution and sales across all Europe.

From the beginning

The Covid-19 pandemic requires extraordinary caution and responsibility from each and every one of us. Expanding low barrier testing is one of the key measures to reduce COVID-19 transmission. This method is fully embraced by many countries. In the UK and Germany access to low barrier and easy to use self-testing is now a corner stone in the governmental strategy to effectively fight and stop the pandemic.

In HealthOx Biotech we use our extensive experience and competence within consumer HealthCare to make a difference. Powered by NewGene Bioengineering we have intensively tested and worked with regulators to enable the global introduction of reliable & easy-to-use Covid19 tests* that display the result in only 15 minutes.

The price makes the tests accessible to most people across the globe.

WHO and European Governments –
Increasingly relying on low barrier testing

The World Health Organization has per February 2021 bought 500 million COVID-19 Antigen test, and has been followed by governments all over Europe such as United Kingdom, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, and since March Germany has allowed for wide non restricted consumer sales through the grocery retail channel.

This method is fully embraced by many countries. In the UK and Germany access to low barrier and easy to use self-testing is now a corner stone in the governmental strategy to effectively fight and stop the pandemic.

Getting ahead of the virus

Throughout the pandemic, the coronavirus has been one step ahead of those trying to control it. In recent months, mutations have created new challenges and trouble when it comes to controlling the spread of the virus.

Our low barrier rapid tests are now widely and increasingly successfully used by governments in Europe to fight the pandemic, we welcome all responsible and well-meaning individuals and partners to join us in increasing accessibility of the low barrier tests.

*HealthOx Biotech’s tests powered by NewGene Bioengineering are proven amongst the most reliable and accurate tests (+97%) on the market and are therefore among the first CE Certified and approved for sales and usage across all of Europe. Our product is suitable for qualitative detection of novel coronavirus in nasopharyngeal swab or sputum samples. It provides a vital aid in the diagnosis of with novel coronavirus.

We are now reaching out to partners all over the world to help us enable people individually, as well as the public and private sector, to stop the spread of Covid-19 by self-testing. As the situation is serious and speed is important, HealthOx provides all our partners with a plug & play web solution within 24 hours. We will make all upfront investments, and as it is medical equipment, we will also secure the appropriate shipment to the end-customer. We deliver globally at any doorstep. There is no time to lose.

How to use HealthOx COVID-19 Rapid Test - Sputum & Swab: