All the essentials when travelling with Antigen Rapid Detection Test

Everything you need to know about travelling with antigen rapid detection tests in 7 simple steps:

First and foremost, before you travel these days it is crucial to do proper research on the area you intend to visit – more so than ever before. Many countries have very strict guidelines and procedures, and some are entirely shut off from the external world except in virtual forms.

  1. Most airports require documentation of a Negative Covid-19 Test, even for natives travelling back to their home country. A video capturing yourself using, say an antigen rapid detection kit, will by no means count as proper documentation
  2. The test must be supervised by authorised personnel, who must then provide his signature on a document – paper or virtual – stating that he has done so. The document needs a date, name of the healthcare personnel doing the supervising, time and place, a signature and a verification stamp.
  3. Some countries will give you a fine if you arrive without such documentation; for instance, if you arrive at Heathrow International Airport without such a paper at your disposal, you may be given a 500 pound fine. So if you decide to have your document downloaded on your iPhone, make sure to have your charger available.
  4. The documented test must be no older than 3 days prior to take off.  If not you may be denied boarding. 
  5. Make sure to have the document at hand when you go through security. Do yourself and your wallet a favor and refrain from entering without it.
  6. Please don’t travel unless necessary and make sure to follow both your own countries guidelines, as well as the country you intend to arrive at. Most countries, provided that they are open for travel, allow for the test to be conducted with an antigen rapid detection test. Nevertheless, I am certain that some countries are opposed to it.
  7. You will most likely experience some quarantine. Today’s world is too fast for a virus of this kind, therefore measures such as this must be implemented to slow both us and the rate of transmission down.

We are seeing more and more international airports take antigen rapid detection tests in use. This is due to their fast turnaround time and effectiveness of diagnosing Covid in the early stages. This, complemented by the recently made norm of disease prevention measures, will be what gets us back to traveling the world. Here at HealthOx Biotech Ltd we are working round the clock to make this happen sooner rather than later.

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