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It is utterly important to talk of a product of this kind with a disclosure. The Antigen rapid detection kit from NEWGENE has a very high reliability, but this does not mean that it is 100% reliable. The tests has an verified accuracy of 97% (or, if you ask the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control: 98%), but this still leaves room for error.
Much of this has to do with the possibility for human error while conducting the tests. To reduce said possibility, be sure to read the manual and/or to watch the instructional video by scanning the QR- code on the packaging. Prior to performing the test you must sanitize your workstation.
The intent is to increase the likelihood of detecting Covid in the early stages,in order to prevent the further transmission that occurs when it goes undetected. Our primary goal is to deliver a safe, accessible, easy, reliable and fast self-test. The thought is, the easier the process of conducting a reliable covid-test is, the lower the threshold for covid- testing becomes.
In order for this to happen, the people must have access to such equipment. Reliable access to equipment that requires little effort and less time, is what will incentivize the people to regularly administer self-tests for Covid-19. Giving us all a better chance to prevent further transmission if one were to become infected.
On that ground, we are reaching out to you to introduce you to our vision. For more information, please continue.

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WHO and European Governments –
Increasingly relying on low barrier testing

The World Health Organization has per February 2021 bought 500 million COVID-19 Antigen test, and has been followed by governments all over Europe such as United Kingdom, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, and since March Germany has allowed for wide non restricted consumer sales through the grocery retail channel.

This method is fully embraced by many countries. In the UK and Germany access to low barrier and easy to use self-testing is now a corner stone in the governmental strategy to effectively fight and stop the pandemic.

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