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HealthOx Biotech Ltd is looking for resellers on a dropship model. We help you quickly set up a fixed webshop with your own logo so you can get started promoting and selling certified COVID-19 rapid tests. When customers order corona tests via your shop, we get notified and will ship directly from our lab to your customer.

HealthOx Biotech Ltd, has support offices in Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, England, Ireland and France. We have an ambitious team that works 24/7 to get your orders within industry leading delivery times.

Generate your own unique link

Receive your own unique and trackable link to share with your followers. Whenever someone order HealthOx via your link, you get commission.

No sales support for customers

No direct sales or after-sales support. Simply share HealthOx with your social media followers and earn a % of every corona test sold via your account.

Earn commission of all sales

We handle all returns, refunds, stock management, shpping. You will never have t deal with customers after they have ordered.

WHO and European Governments –
Increasingly relying on low barrier testing

The World Health Organization has per February 2021 bought 500 million COVID-19 Antigen test, and has been followed by governments all over Europe such as United Kingdom, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, and since March Germany has allowed for wide non restricted consumer sales through the grocery retail channel.

This method is fully embraced by many countries. In the UK and Germany access to low barrier and easy to use self-testing is now a corner stone in the governmental strategy to effectively fight and stop the pandemic.

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