Corona selftests for antigen, antibody and immunity after vaccination

Access to Reliable & Easy-To-Use corona selftests can be the turning point for the pandemic

HealthOx Biotech’s tests powered by NewGene Bioengineering are proven to be one of the most reliable and accurate tests (>98%) on the market, and are therefore among the first CE Certified and approved for sales and usage across all of Europe. 
Our product is suitable for qualitative detection of novel coronavirus in nasopharyngeal swab or sputum samples. It provides a vital aid in the diagnosis of with novel coronavirus.

Our COVID-19 test products:

(Sputum Test)

(Blood Sample)

(Blood Sample)

The first EASY-TO-USE COVID-19 tests are now CE certified and approved for distribution and sales across all Europe.

How to use HealthOx COVID-19 Rapid Test - Sputum & Swab:

Where to buy HealthOx Biotech Covid Tests?

You can order selftest kits at these verified webstores:
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WHO and European Governments – relying on low barrier testing

The World Health Organization has per February 2021 bought 500 million COVID-19 Antigen test, and has been followed by governments all over Europe such as United Kingdom, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, and since March Germany has allowed for wide non restricted consumer sales through the grocery retail channel.

This method is fully embraced by many countries. In the UK and Germany access to low barrier and easy to use self-testing is now a corner stone in the governmental strategy to effectively fight and stop the pandemic.