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Are antigen covid-19 rapid tests the answer event-planners and event-goers have been waiting for!?

Ever since the pandemic set, people from all over the world have been dreaming of the day the next festival takes place. Covid-19 has placed most of the world on hold. Since that time, people from all over the world have been working non-stop to ensure that society can reopen stronger.

Best case scenario would be to take the lessons SARS-CoV 2 has taught us, with us into the future. The field of infection- control & prevention has heavily improved the last year. People have enough awareness of infection control measures to perform them in their sleep; the equipment used, delivers far better results than previously and the entire world is drastically aware of the impact a mass transmission of a virus can have on social institutions.

This last point has been stressed by epidemiologists since the turn of the century, and covid-19 gave us a clear reason to listen – making us better equipped for the future.

In places like Barcelona and Germany, there have been conducted real-world studies where they tested participants for Covid-19 with antigen covid-19 rapid detection tests, prior to entering large gatherings and concerts, to see how effective this strategy is. (1)

Some countries are about to recreate this study with a similar experiment where they also have a control group doing daily activities; the intent of this is to compare the risk of infection of each environment. Seeing that rapid detection tests have advanced to become quite reliable, they have a positive outlook on how this study will pan out.

The European Commission recently ran a clinical trial of NEWGENE’s Antigen Covid-19 Rapid Detection Kit, which states its accuracy to be 98,3% (2). What this means is that this particular rapid detection test diagnosed 98,3% in accordance with the Nucleic Acid Amplification Tests, which give close to a 100% accurate diagnosis.

Progress such as this, combined with the progress made for vaccines & infection control as a whole, will most certainly be what helps us overcome this pandemic – that will allow us to get back to our festivals & gatherings.

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